Ross Kemp: "My heart goes out" to the people of Ukraine

11 March 2022, 15:04 | Updated: 11 March 2022, 17:33

By Jenny Mensah

The former EastEnders star has spoken about the situation in Ukraine on The Chris Moyles Show after spending time in the country.

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Ross Kemp has commented on Russia's invasion of Ukraine and said his "heart goes out" to the people of the country.

The former EastEnders actor, who has been to some of the world's toughest war zones for series such as Ross Kemp In Afghanistan, shared his feelings on the war with The Chris Moyles Show.

"I spent some time out there Chris," he reflected. "And they are a fantastic stoic people and every night I go to bed and I see some of the people I met out there. Lovely, strong people [...]

"My heart goes out to them. We'll have to see what happens, but it's not looking good sadly."

"And they knew it was coming," he added. "I was out there seven years ago and they were digging in then knowing the Russians were coming and if they knew, why couldn't we do something a bit earlier? But there you are."

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Asked if he couldn't just go out there and sort it out, Kemp replied: "You know what? I would go back out there in a heartbeat, but you know what? It's very different. I've been to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and different places around the world. When you haven't got air cover, it becomes a very very different war."

Though the Ross Kemp On Gangs star understands why NATO haven't intervened, the actor, author and television presenter shared his fears for what could happen if a neighbouring NATO country is in the firing line.

"I totally understand NATOs reasons for not doing that. That could escalate it beyond... but just think about this: If they carry on the way they've been going, the Russians, and they inadvertently send a missile into Poland or somewhere else part of NATO, what happens then?"

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