VIDEO: James Buckley talks "disastrous" Inbetweeners reunion show

13 March 2019, 15:14 | Updated: 13 March 2019, 15:16

The Inbetweeners actor, who played Jay in the hit series has explained why he almost went "insane" over the programme, which aired on New Year's Day.

James Buckley has opened up about The Inbetweeners' 10th Anniversary special , which he has called "disastrous".

Back in January, the actor - who played the role of Jay Cartwright in the hit C4 series - went viral after apologising to fans for the show, which saw him reunite with his co-stars Joe Thomas (Simon), Simon Bird (Will) and Blake Harrison (Neil) for a retrospective on the coming-of-age drama.

Now, speaking about the reaction to the programme - which aired on New Year's Day - on The Chris Moyles Show, Buckley has explained just why it went so wrong.

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Asked what else he had in the pipeline, Buckley replied: "I'm thinking of taking a year off because I just went insane after the disastrous Inbetweeners reunion."

The White Gold actor added jokingly: "Chris, there was so many problems. It was a real lightening in a bottle moment of problems and we managed to catch it at the right moment."

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James Buckley talks to Chris Moyles about the "disastrous" Inbetweeners reunion
James Buckley talks to Chris Moyles about the "disastrous" Inbetweeners reunion. Picture: Radio X

He mused: "There was loads wrong with it, and it wasn't good enough and it's really difficult to be...

"When you're criticised I've always been able to look In the mirror and go 'I did my best'. Probably someone could have done it better, but I did as best as I could.

"This time I was like, 'yeah you're right.'"

When Moyles suggested his co-stars just dress up in their old outfits and tour the country, Buckley added: "That's was what I thought would happen with the reunion. I thought if you get the four of us standing next to each other on TV, then people would go mad.

"I thought there was no way you could... get this wrong. I was going to say something else."

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Watch Blake Harrison joke about his reaction to the backlash on social media:


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