Bob Odenkirk: Better Call Saul co-stars saved my life

22 March 2022, 16:07 | Updated: 26 July 2022, 16:19

Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul
Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul. Picture: AA Film Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

The actor was taken ill with a heart attack during the making of the final series of the Breaking Bad spin-off.

Bob Odenkirk says his Better Call Saul co-stars helped save his life when he suffered a heart attack on set.

The 59-year-old actor was working on the final series of the Breaking Bad spin-off series last summer when he collapsed and was left needing urgent medical care.

Revealing how co-stars Rhea Seehorn and Patrick Fabian were "screaming their heads off" for help, he told ITV's Lorraine: "I had a heart attack, I had some plaque break off and block the artery and they [Patrick and Rhea] were right there.

"They came over, didn't know what to do but screamed their heads off and then the medic showed up and performed CPR. Thank god, very lucky, very lucky."

He revealed they were waiting on the side of the set at just the right time due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The show's health and safety supervisor - as well as an assistant director - soon arrived to administer CPR and defibrillator shocks, with the star recently explaining that three attempts were needed to "get him back" before he was taken to hospital to have plaque removed and emergency stents put into his wrist.

He previously said: "The third time, that got me back! Around 5 a.m. the next morning they went through [my wrist] and blew up the little balloons and knocked out that plaque and left stents in two places."

Bob Odenkirk attends the premiere of Better Call Saul Season 5 in February 2020
Bob Odenkirk attends the premiere of Better Call Saul Season 5 in February 2020. Picture: Annie Lesser/imageSPACE/MediaPunch/Alamy

The actor - who also known for the HBO sketch comedy series Mr. Show with Bob and David alongside David Cross - explained that he had known about a "plaque build-up" on his heart for a few years but doctors did not think he needed treatment.

He continued: "I'd known since 2018 that I had this plaque build-up in my heart went to two heart doctors at Cedars-Sinai, and I had dye and an M.R.I. and all that stuff, and the doctors disagreed.

"Then one of those pieces of plaque broke up [which caused the heart attack]."

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