PARP PARP! 10 Great Songs That Feature Trumpets

17 August 2016, 09:00 | Updated: 9 August 2017, 10:14

Man playing trumpet

Everyone likes a bit of trumpet, don't they? Of course they do! Radio X picks a stack of tracks that bring on the brass.

1. Manic Street Preachers - Kevin Carter

Played by drummer Sean Moore, no less.

2. Supergrass - Going Out

Joyous brass on this classic 1996 single.

3. James - Born Of Frustration

Melodic parping powers this excellent track that opened 1992's Seven album.

4. Richard Ashcroft - Check The Meaning

Beautiful, mournful trumpet on this classic Ashcroft solo track.

5. Rocket From The Crypt - On A Rope

Stonking, distorted brass forms the backbone of this 1995 stormer.

6. Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather For Ducks 

The trumpet in this bonkers track from 2002 evokes memories of 1970s TV.

7. Radiohead - The National Anthem

Just when you think this track can't get any weirder… on comes THE TRUMPET.

8. Muse - Knights Of Cydonia

The trip go a little bit mariachi in the video to this stirring anthem.

9. The Boo Radleys - Wake Up Boo!

Classic trumpet-loving Britpop.


10. Chumbawamba - Tubthumping

The trumpet was probably the least memorable aspect of this booze and football anthem. But it was there.


Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

OK, not on the original. But Flea thought he'd help out at the live performance from Rio in 1993. And why not?


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