The Killers' Brandon Flowers on Morrissey: "He's still a king"

3 July 2019, 14:53 | Updated: 3 July 2019, 14:56

The Killers' Brandon Flowers and The Smiths former frontman Morrissey
The Killers' Brandon Flowers and The Smiths former frontman Morrissey. Picture: Radio X

The frontman of the Las Vegas band has praised the work of the former Smiths frontman, despite admitting he's in "hot water" his recent behaviour.

Brandon Flowers has praised the legacy of Morrissey and referred to him as one of his "fifteen kings"

The Killers frontman spoke to NME ahead of their headline Glastonbury performance last week, where they played a triumphant set, which made nods to some of their favourite British artists.

Asked about some of the band's favourite artists, who The Man singer refers to as "kings," drummer Ronnie Vannuci Jr. said: "Brandon has many kings".

"Yeah, I have about fifteen kings," agreed the frontman. "Liam [Gallagher] is one of them.”

Going through a list of his idols, he added: "Don Henley, Peter Gabriel, Morrissey would be a king, Bono would be a king, Springsteen would be a king.”

When asked about Morrissey's recent controversial behaviour, The Man singer maintained: "He’s still a king. He’s unparalleled in what he’s achieved and his prowess and his lyrics and his sense of melody, it’s just incredible. I forgot he was in hot water though, so I shouldn’t have brought him up."

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The Las Vegas rockers went on to show their admiration for Moz and The Smiths during their Glasto set by covering their 1982 This Charming Man single, joined by none other than Johnny Marr.

After joining them on the track, Marr went on to accompany the band on their own hit, Mr. Brightside.

Watch their performance with the Smiths guitarist here:

Their setlist also included a cover of You Were Always On My Mind with a surprise appearance from the Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys.

Watch them in action here:

The Killers' headline set at Glastonbury 2019 on Saturday 29 June 2019:

1. Jenny Was A Friend of Mine

2. Somebody Told Me

3. Spaceman

4. The Way it Was

5. Shot At The Light.

6. The Man

7. Smile Like You Mean It

8. For Reasons Unknown

9. Human Bling (confession of a King)

10. Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll

11. A Dustland Fairytale

12. Runaways

13. Read My Mind (Lean On Me interlude)

14. All These Things That I've Done

15. When You Were Young


16. Always On My Mind (Elvis and Pet Shop Boys cover with the Pet Shop Boys as special guests)

17. Human (with the Pet Shop Boys)

18. This Charming Man (with The Smiths' Johnny Marr)

19. Mr. Brightside (with The Smiths' Johnny Marr)