Noel Gallagher's greatest ever lyrics

29 May 2022, 06:00

Noel Gallagher in November 2021
Noel Gallagher in November 2021. Picture: GettyDave J Hogan/Getty Images

As The Chief celebrates his birthday, let's take a look back at his best words of wisdom - from Oasis to the High Flying Birds.

  1. “Do you keep the receipts for the friends that you buy?”

    Where Did It All Go Wrong? Oasis, 2000

  2. “You’re the only God that I’ll ever need.”

    If I Had A Gun, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, 2011

  3. "While we’re living, the dreams we had as children fade away."

    Fade Away, Oasis, 1994

  4. “You can’t give me a dream that was mine anyway.”

    Half The World Away, Oasis, 1994

  5. “We the people fight for our existence. We don’t claim to be perfect but we’re free.”

    Little By Little, Oasis, 2002

  6. “I wanna talk tonight, until the morning light, ‘bout how you saved my life.”

    Talk Tonight, Oasis, 1995

  7. "Let me be the one that shines with you, in the morning when you don't know what to do."

    Slide Away, Oasis, 1994

  8. “These could be the best days of our lives, but I don’t think we’ve been living very wise.”

    Digsy's Dinner, Oasis, 1994

  9. “Please don’t put your life in the hands, of a rock n’ roll band, who’ll throw it all away.”

    Don't Look Back In Anger, Oasis, 1995

  10. “Is it worth the aggravation to find yourself a job when there's nothing worth working for?”

    Cigarettes & Alcohol, Oasis, 1994

  11. “Because we need each other. We believe in one another.”

    Acquiesce, Oasis, 1995

  12. "I got my feet on the street but I can't stop flyin'."

    The Shock Of The Lightning, Oasis, 2008

  13. “I’m free to be whatever I choose.”

    Whatever, Oasis, 1994

  14. “You can have it all but how much do you want it?”

    Supersonic, Oasis, 1994

  15. “As they took his soul they stole his pride.”

    Cast No Shadow, Oasis, 1995