Liam Gallagher responds to Aitch's album request: "He's a United fan"

21 February 2022, 13:52

Liam Gallagher and Aitch
Liam Gallagher says he won't collaborate with Aitch. Picture: 1. Press 2. Matthew Baker/Getty Images

By Jenny Mensah

The former Oasis rocker has revealed that he won't work with the Manchester rapper because he can't be bought and he supports Man United.

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Liam Gallagher has finally responded to Aitch's request for him to appear on his debut album.

The Manchester rapper is set to release his debut album this year and has talked openly about wanting the former Oasis frontman to appear on it, even going as far as to offer him £7million.

Now, asked if he'd consider a collaboration, Gallagher told NME: "Is that all? He ain’t got seven million f****** quid – he ain’t got f****** seven f****** quid, never mind f****** seven million."

"And it quickly went down to his watch and his trainers the other day. Listen, I don’t do that – that’s not for me, man. He seems like a nice lad, but I don’t wanna be on anyone’s album."

Gallagher, who's a life-long Man City fan, also added that the rapper hasn't helped his case because he happens to support their rival team.

“He’s a United fan, so it ain’t f****** happening," he added.

“When I read that, I was like, ‘No mate’. He don’t need me on his album anyway, but I do appreciate the fact that he thinks I’m cool, I guess. Even if he did have seven million pounds, I wouldn’t do it because I can’t be f****** bought.”

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Aitch has been very vocal about wanting the Manchester legend to appear on his album.

Taking to Twitter in December the rapper simply wrote: "I will pay £7 Million for you to be on my album @liamgallagher".

Appearing at the BRIT Awards ceremony earlier this month, he revealed he wanted to see Gallagher and pop the all important question to him.

Asked who he was looking forward to bumping into, he told NME: "I want to catch up with Ed, I’ve not seen him for a while, but when it comes to meeting someone it’s Liam definitely".

Quizzed about how he'd go about asking the Rock N' Roll Star for a feature, he replied: "I’ll just say, ‘Why are you not on my album yet?’ See how it goes from there.”

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Liam might not be prepared to be on anyone's album, but he's more than happy to share co-writing credits on his records.

The rocker is preparing to release his third studio album C'mon You Know on 27th May and he's weighed in on Damon Albarn's comments on Taylor Swift.

Asked what he thinks about the notion that co-writing isn't real songwriting, Gallagher told NME's Big Read: “Says who? All them f***ing gorilla albums are co-writes aren’t they?

"I get it – Noel bangs on about it as well: ‘I’m more important than you because I write my f***ing songs’.”

Gallagher has also teased that C'mon You Know, which follows 2017's As You Were and 2019's Why Me? Why Not, is "a bit peculiar".

Speaking to Chris Moyles on Radio X, he revealed: Some of it's odd, man. 80% of the record is a bit peculiar. But still good. And 20% of it is kind of classic, like Everything's Electric."

But Liam assured fans: "I still sound normal, and mega and all that, but if you're gonna do something a bit different, do it in these times because if people don't like it, blame it on COVID. And then we'll go back to the normal stuff."

Liam Gallagher is also set to play his biggest solo shows to date this summer. After selling 160,000 tickets across two nights at Knebworth Park in a matter of hours, there will be additional outdoor shows in Manchester, Belfast and Glasgow.

Liam Gallagher 2022 UK Tour Dates

  • 1st June – Manchester, Etihad Stadium
  • 3rd June – Knebworth Park (SOLD OUT)
  • 4th June – Knebworth Park (SOLD OUT)
  • 24th June - Belfast, Ormeau Park
  • 26th June – Glasgow, Hampden Park