Liam Gallagher thinks cancel culture is for "f***ing squares"

11 May 2022, 11:21 | Updated: 11 May 2022, 11:22

Radio X presents Liam Gallagher at the O₂ Ritz, Manchester
Liam Gallagher has talked about cancel culture. Picture: Radio X/Jon Mo Photography

By Jenny Mensah

The former Oasis frontman has ranted about cancel culture and said that those behind cancel campaigns can "f*** off".

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Liam Gallagher has branded people involved in cancel culture as "f****** squares".

Speaking on The 2 Johnnies Podcast, the former Oasis frontman said: "Who the f*** are these people cancelling you, anyway? Like, f*** off.

"Unless they come around to your house and say you're cancelled. You're still going to do your f****** thing, they don't speak for everyone, do they?

"The cancelling people just speak for the cancelled world, they don't f****** speak for everyone.

"You can still go and do your gig, there are people out there who are going to like what you've got to say. Bring it f****** on you f****** squares!"

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The Everything's Electric singer also discussed the notion of him being the last great rock star, calling it "just f****** sad",

"I hear that all the time but you can't be," he mused. "There's got to be someone on the way up now.

"I just think this world now, the world we're living in, there's a lot of people out there who are scared to say what they want, I'm sure they'd get cancelled and all that tackle.

"I'd hate to think I was the last rock star, 'cause that's just f****** sad."

Meanwhile, the 49-year-old star - whose new album 'C'Mon You Know' drops this month - also called out "pretentious" bands for taking themselves too seriously.

He added: "I have got a problem with a lot of these bands today who go, 'I'm an artist'. No you're f****** not, you're a geezer in a band so shut the f*** up.

"They're all a bit pretentious, they're all talking about the artistry, behave men. 'Come to my show'. It's a gig man."

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Fans will soon get the chance to see just what Liam means when he plays two huge gigs at Knebworth next month.

Despite the fact he 's not pretentious about his upcoming gigs, he's not taking the dates - which fall on 3rd and 4th June across the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend celebrations - lightly and is on an alcohol ban until they're done.

According to The Sun's Bizarre Column, the Manchester rocker revealed: "I’ve got a month to prepare for Knebworth so I’m going to stay out of trouble, stay in the house, chill out, eat well, do some exercise, and not drink alcohol or do any of that nonsense."

The Supersonic singer continued: “As you get older you’ve got to prepare right for these gigs.

“You can’t be going there like you’re 20 otherwise it’ll sound s*** and people pay a lot of money, so I’ve got to prepare right."

Despite going on the straight and narrow for the milestone gigs, Liam has assured fans he won't be going dry for too long.

“There’s plenty of time to get p***** and get high," he added. "Do that later on.”

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