Does Liam Gallagher feature on any Verve songs?

15 September 2019, 18:00 | Updated: 15 September 2019, 18:01

Liam Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft
Liam Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft. Picture: Press/ Jon Mo Photography

The former Oasis rocker and Verve frontman are firm friends, but did you know Gallagher has a sneaky cameo on Ashcroft's former band's album?

It's no secret that Liam Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft are good pals.

Just this week the former Oasis frontman took to Twitter to wish The Verve legend a Happy Birthday, and in the past the Gallagher has even defended the Sonnet singer from the acid tongue of his brother Noel.

We know the two legendary rockers have appeared on the same bill together in the past as well as in recent years, with Ashcroft playing a surprise slot at Liam Gallagher's 2017 Finsbury Park gig.

But have they ever made sweet music together? Well... technically yes.

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It's known that Liam made a secret cameo on The Verve's Urban Hymns album, and these days you can even pull him up as a credit.

The band's seminal third studio album was recorded between October 1996 and May 1997, and during that time the Oasis rocker sang backing vocals on the last song of the album.

According to Ashcroft, the rocker went absolutely "ballistic" towards the end of the track, as it builds to a crescendo and screamed and smashed his tambourine against the recording booth walls.

See if you can hear the rocker at the end of Come On:

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As reported by NME, Ashcroft told the BBC: “I don’t think anyone knows this, but if you concentrate you can hear some demented guy screaming ‘come on’. I imagine everyone thinks that’s me, but I remember him doing it.

“He arrived at the studio with the tape of a song he’d just done with [Stone Roses’ guitarist] John Squire. He proceeded, as he does, to play it 15 times in a row in the studio. I played him Bittersweet, then I said ‘we’re doing Come On now, you gotta be on it.

"He went into this booth with someone else, and he was going ballistic at the end of it – smashing the tambourine against the side of the vocal booth, screaming.”

Liam is also believed to have provided some skilful handclaps on track number seven of the album, Space And Time.

We can't tell for sure if it's actually him, but we reckon whoever is clapping absolutely nailed it.

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Watch Aschcroft talk about The Verve's Sonnet single:

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