Green Day Parody 80s Horror 'They Live' In New Video

17 November 2017, 16:13 | Updated: 17 November 2017, 18:33

The band have attacked the current state of America with a nod to the satirical horror film.

Green Day have unveiled the video for their new single Back In The USA - and it’s a bang-on parody of a classic 80s movie.

In these turbulent political times the trio have lashed out at the current US Presidency with a tribute to the 1988 satirical horror film They Live.

The flick starred wrestler-turned-actor “Rowdy” Roddy Piper as a man who chances upon a pair of sunglasses that give him a unique insight into what’s REALLY going on in the world… namely, we're being ruled by brainwashing, skull-faced zombies.

In Green Day’s version, the black-and-white drudgery of regular life is undermined when a door-to-door salesman flogs the band some similar shades… and guess who’s making a public address on TV…

Yep, Green Day favourite Donald J. Trump gets another roasting… and only punk rock can save the world!

Here's the full video: 


A new compilation God's Favorite Band, features a career-spanning greatest hits selection and includes Back In The USA as a brand new track.

God’s Favorite Band is released today (17 November 2017).