Taylor Hawkins: Foo Fighters drummer's secret acts of kindness revealed

16 April 2022, 10:00

Taylor Hawkins in 2018
Taylor Hawkins' secret acts of kindness have been revealed. Picture: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images for ABA/Getty

A Reddit user has claimed the late Foo Fighters frontman used to come into the music store and buy instruments for the kids he met.

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Taylor Hawkins' generosity has been revealed by the former manager of a music store.

The Foo Fighters’ drummer tragically died on 25th March, aged 50, and tributes have continued to pour in for him from across the world of music and entertainment.

Now, a member of the public has shared his own story of the Foos rocker, which reveals his big heart and generosity.

Taking to Reddit, a user by the name of MBAH2017 began: “I used to be a manager at a Guitar Centre that was very close to Foo’s rehearsal studio. Dave and Taylor would come in all the time, either to pick up random supplies or just to hang out.

“Grohl was a big goof, we gave him a name badge that said “David” and put him behind the counter to mess with people.

He continued: “Taylor would slink off to the drum department and hang out with kids. Once I had to look up his account for some reason and noticed that he had thousands worth of dollars of charges for drum equipment, almost weekly. But I had never seen him leave with anything major, so I went to my boss to raise concerns about potential fraud.

“He told me that the guy basically never came in without buying something for a kid. What a class act.”

See the post below:

Former Guitar Centre manager has revealed heartwarming Taylor Hawkins story
Former Guitar Centre manager has revealed heartwarming Taylor Hawkins story. Picture: Reddit/MBAH2017

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It’s not the only compliments paid to the late Foo Fighters drummer, with Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea calling him "kind" and "uplifting dude".

Asked how he felt when he heard the news, the rocker replied: "Absolutely shocking. I love Taylor. He was an uplifting dude."

“I’ve always loved Taylor," added the musician. "I had fun with him. We toured with them for years and years and you know, he’s best friends… was extremely close with our drummer Chad Smith and it’s a very devastating experience for Chad and everyone who was close to him, because he was a kind, generous, just fun dude and a killer drummer.

“And love to his family and love to everyone that knew him and god bless his beautiful heart”.

Asked if there was anything he would have wanted to say to the Foos drummer that he didn't get to tell him, the 59-year-old rocker reflected: “Nah, man. I’m pretty up front with my feelings. I was always like, ‘Taylor I love you dude, you rock’. That’s what I would have wanted to say. ‘You’re a beautiful person’ and I’m sure I told him that.”

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