Dave Grohl opens up about being diagnosed with a "crooked spine" as a child

8 November 2021, 11:33 | Updated: 8 November 2021, 13:38

36th Annual Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony - Arrivals
Dave Grohl opens up about being diagnosed with a crooked spine. Picture: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame/Getty

By Rachel Finn

The Foo Fighters frontman has recalled how he was diagnosed with the condition at the age of seven and had to wear a corrective shoe.

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Dave Grohl has shared how he learned to embrace being “different" after he was diagnosed with a "crooked spine" as a child.

The Foo Fighters musician, 52, opened up about his curved spine diagnosis when he was seven, saying that he felt "a sense of shame" at first, because he had to wear a correction shoe, before growing to love the "feeling of being strange".

The Sun quotes the rocker as saying: "I’ve always felt like a bit of an alien, which obviously I learned to embrace over time. When diagnosed with a crooked spine at the age of seven, I had to begin ­wearing a small lift on my left shoe to slowly correct the problem.

"I felt a sense of shame at first as I wasn’t allowed to wear the cool sneakers other kids wore, but that later became a sort of empowerment. I was different and I liked it.

"I didn’t want to be like the other kids, as crooked as I was. I liked the feeling of being strange. I still do."

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Meanwhile, Foo Fighters recently joined Paul McCartney at their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Giving a speech before the performance, the legendary artist drew comparisons between himself and Grohl, pointing out how they had both been through "tragedy" in The Beatles and Nirvana respectively and went on to take their careers in a new direction.

Macca said: "We had a great time with our groups, but eventually tragedy happened and my group broke up. Same happened with Dave. His group broke up under tragic circumstances. So the question is, what do you do now? We both were presented with that question.

"In my case, I said, 'Well, I’ll make an album where I play all the instruments myself.' So I did that. Dave’s group broke up, what’s he do? He makes an album where he plays all the instruments himself. Do you think this guy’s stalking me?”

Watch them perform together below:

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